Jose Alberto Andrio Espina

The principle of extra-contractual Civil liability indicates that any person who suffers damage in your (physical) person or their heritage at the hands of another is entitled to receive financial compensation that resarza him by that supported prejudice. This is seen very clearly in the case of attacks by animals belonging to other people, which can be extremely dangerous and unpleasant, and may derive from the same consideration sequels shaped scars, deformities, or even limb amputations. In the worst cases, death himself who is suffering because of injuries could be its last and terrible consequence (for example, if this bite the jugular of the victim). Common causes of this type of events usually behind them gives a certain attitude of passivity and permissiveness by the owners of these animals. Facts such as the possession of exotic or objectively dangerous animals (Cougars, large snakes, crocodiles), something highly regulated in our days (and even banned in many places); or ride of dogs off leash in public places, could trigger anytime the fatal event. Also very often, on the other hand, that will be the owners who, through his own conduct give rise in the animal to a violent nature which may be that, at a given time, resulting in an attack (this happens especially with dogs of certain species, commonly used as vigilant to prevent possible robberies).

How to deal with events of these features? To some extent these events are unpredictable. The mere fact of a walk in a park at the wrong time could become unwitting victim in one of them. On the other hand, are too usual that children who suffer this kind of incidents, especially at the hands of animals belonging to the family or loved ones, in many cases in farms and private enclosures. In any case, prudently stay clear of them will always be the best option, especially if the owner is not fence. The claim for injuries sustained as before we advance, anyone who may suffer some kind of injury because of the attack of an animal belonging to another person is entitled to financial compensation that allows you to view compensated, somewhat, the harm suffered. Between the concepts that could be the subject of compensation, in addition to the physical injury, may be both the loss of revenue for the eventual period of convalescence in situation of sick leave, as well as also possible trauma and moral damage caused to the victim.


Walls not seen Ignacio Ortega writer if something anda sobrado world is walls and borders. Physical walls that separate us, but also ideological, economic, political and legal, although they can sometimes be more unnoticed, also hurt, depart and divided. The Berlin wall whose collapse is now twenty years have seen repeatedly from morning to night, we have read and heard with names as diverse as the wall of infamy, the wall of shame, the iron curtain, will not return. However, those walls that conveys the story leads us to other places where there may be other walls. Each wall that is born takes us inside of other times. And, above all, to the interior of places and times that do not exist, even though we know that they may be very near, that there are people, Governments and States that can lift them. They are other walls have no physical insurmountable walls, but of which we try to not leave anyone. Or that between anyone, or not talk nobody, or that everyone forget.

Reason environmental, for example, is the official excuse that the Government of Rio de Janeiro has explained to the public for fencing the favela Morro Dona Marta with a wall of three meters of pain. As painful as the green line from the West Bank formed by trenches, barbed wire, fencing of Tin and eight meter high cement plates. It is true that if we compare in height perhaps pain of the Melilla barrier decimate him or if pain was tangible, perhaps the Moroccan wall which divided the Saharan territory along 2,500 kilometers is more painful than the favelas of Governor Sergio Cabral. But the power springs have no measurement for pain. There are walls that do not see them but they are walls at the end, and after that, although they can sometimes go unnoticed, separated by prejudices and fears, anxiety or uncertainty of borrowed lives and marginalization, exclusion or disappointment.

Walls that killed the dream of its inhabitants, walls than the they condemn their territory you can Yes franking. Or they can think of franking yours. One of the most violent tensions in my life it had with one Tertullian radio a year ago that was considered wasteful performances by the Andalusian Government in certain neighborhoods of Almeria. Another, with a friend who had heard him say to another common friend of local politics that El Puche, La Chanca or stones round were well behind their walls. I swore on my honor that could not be. Things they say, I told him, as removing iron. My friend did not give credence to what was said by the common friend. At the end I got it calm and after much insisting, convinced him that the hearing was only a nightmare, but not before suggest that walls do not look is better to prudently kept far away.

Crystal Castles Crimewave

It was the second single from the album to the United Kingdom and it has become part of different soundtracks of American and European film productions. 3 Phoenix 1901:Phoenix is an Electro Indie band formed in Paris France in the year of 1999, its musical enfonque rescues pop roots influenced with a good dose of alternative Rock and electronic characteristics, is a sound very contemporary with a tilt independent in its production. Phoenix is a band that rescues the pop sounds developed by David Bowie and transformed by bands like New Order and with an influence very close to groupings of the likes of Daft Punk. 2 Delphic Doubt: is an Electro Indie band originally from Manchester England (UK) and born in the year of 2008. This band composed of 4 members (Richard Boardman, Matt Cocksedge, James Cook and Dan Hadley) keeps well styles musicles defined in previous decades by bands such as Joy Division, New Order and its maximum influence, Underworld who was the most recognized British electronic band in the Decade of the 90s. So far they only have a record production of study that receives the name of Acolyte and on which song we present here is. 1 Crystal Castles Crimewave: A of the most representative at the end of the previous decade and the beginning of this electronic projects. This sensational grouping is originally from Ontario Canada and is made up of a product (Ethan Kath) and a female vocalist with a very special voice (Alice Glass). His naciemiento goes back to 2004 and for the moment they have two albums of studies that have been very well accepted by professional critics.

Discover Why Weight Loss Diets Are More Effective In Group

When we have decided to lose weight one of the first steps is seeking professional help, among them groups of support, the nutritionist, either follow a system of commercial thinning, but which is more effective? As well, a recent survey in England, made a comparison of the weight lost among men and women with overweight and obese thing which were enrolled in programs of weight loss in the last 12 weeks or in primary care programs (based on groups of dietetics, personal advice), the result was that weight loss programs were more effective and less expensive than primary health care driven by personnel specially trained. But that makes these programmes more effective? The study suggests that a control program based on a support group 12 weeks weight can take in one year term to a loss weight increased and sustainable. One of the benefits of belonging to one of these programs is the possibility to participate along with others who own the same objectives in collective activities, which allows sharing of experiences and the progress each has made in your own weight loss plan, encouraging each one of the participants to stay in the program and contributing this to achieve their goals. Although the support on their group only not the effect achieved necessary, doing so when each participant of the support group is carrying out the same weight loss program. Perhaps the least effective is that program led by a qualified based on a personal treatment, where only visits the patient and nutrition Advisor.

The study also found an increase in physical activity in all groups, however, in those control programs based on personal advisers or nutritionists the increase was small. So that if you’re thinking in visit to the nutritionist, perhaps a good choice analyze a support group-based weight control program and that lasts at least 12 weeks that is close to your community. Or perhaps you can meet at a point of meeting either virtual or in your city with people that they are taking the same program of weight loss, and share your experiences and progress in common activities and lead a more active life level, possibly this take you to get better results with your diet program. If you are interested in more information on pills to lose weight please visit our link informing you of effective methods for weight loss. We recommend you read the next topic which is very intersante diet Mediterranean diet.

Antoinette Toni Avril Gardiner

Nostradamus did long before him with his arcane writing. Before both Ezequiel said it, and over the centuries not missed who saw the future of horror and death is coming. Those who thought that the prophecies were met with Hitler and say that after the Holocaust history became linear, are wrong. Yet did not the expected time.

The thirst for blood is boiling in the world. To be more precise, in the Islamic world. If the trouble does not de-escalate in Egypt, Hosni Mubarak will go to Germany for a medical checkup. Age allows it, the man has cancer. Their days are numbered by health or revolution. The excuse is appropriate so that it fails to return to Cairo. The next to follow suit may be Abdala II, King of Jordan. His father, King Hussein, suffered more than 12 attempted murders by Palestinian Muslim fanatics.

His grandfather Abdala I was assassinated in 1951 by a Palestinian while visiting the mosque of Al – Aqsah in Jerusalem. Abdullah I was a key piece in the fall of the Ottoman Empire, therefore, their descendants are not loved by their co-religionists POPs. The Jordan Hashemite family was never Muslim fundamentalist line. On the contrary, was allied British and as a result, natural enemy of the Palestinians. Abdullah II, Princess Muna al – Hussein, mother is English, daughter of a British officer. His birth name is Antoinette Toni Avril Gardiner. Abdullah II was educated in the United States and England. He married Rania to the Yassin, born in Kuwait. His parents are originally from Tulkarem, Arab city that was under Jordanian rule until it returned at the hands of Israel. For which this biographical story? Because without Mubarak in Egypt, without Ben Ali in Tunisia, without Hariri in Lebanon, who are moderate Muslims and Abdullah II that would be swept by the hordes of Hamas who obey to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Middle East will burn everywhere at the same time and bonfire Pierce borders and continents.

St Petersburg

The second argument for a taxi – it's comfort, here in St Petersburg taxi simply has no rivals. Clean, comfortable, quiet and roomy in the cabin of a good taxi service. Well, the third – is security: professional driver drives a car with confidence in all conditions, knows all the roads (which is also reflected in the rate), and the car is regularly serviced. Therefore, traveling around town in a taxi, you can feel much more secure than in any minibus or car accidental "fish is." Some may ask – why in this case do not use your own car? The fact that your car – it is well. But only if you have this already and you are accustomed to use them all the time. Now imagine that your car is costing the owner a decent amount – it needs to buy, register, insure, constantly monitor its condition and maintain. To pass on the right – and acknowledge in some time. About any costs for gasoline here already and we can not speak.

And still have a need to think of the safety car everyone time to find a place to park, to solve the problem with permanent parking or, preferably, a garage And not every person can always drive a car in busy traffic urban cycle. It's one thing if it is his profession – ride quickly and accurately, and quite another – if only a vital necessity. And yet people can not get enough sleep or not sleep long, feeling weak or simply return after a party or feast. In St. Petersburg taxi in connection with the latter even to provide "sober driver" – were brought home by those who want to quietly get after a successful evening. Petersburg and taxis have long been there together – more century.

But the modern taxi – this is not a nostalgic memorial "green-taxi", it is much more comfortable and faster. New Age best taxi in St. Petersburg, greeted well-known European car brands – such as taxi Mercedes-Benz taxi or Reno. What else distinguishes the best service of the St. Petersburg taxi? For example, the fact that you can always contact them – at any time, any day, because the taxi service available round the clock. Taxi 24 hours a day – Here are the current standard. Order a taxi can be accomplished in any convenient way – from a landline from a mobile, online ordering available taxi. Dovezut you to your destination in complete accordance with your wishes. Transfer from the airport – please. Taxi to the station – no problems. Want to get in a rush hour from Nevsky or Foundry? A good taxi driver can and it is. Want to take a taxi to the lake for a long, in Pargolovo in Parnassus, on ? C ease, from Petersburg taxi can take you not only on the margin – for a taxi near and Sestroretsk, Pushkin, Pavlovsk and Peterhof and Gatchina, Lomonosov and Oranienbaum and Kronstadt. Judge for yourself how convenient and practical use taxis. Time goes forward, and green lights are no longer in vogue. But the necessity for a good taxi, which can be accessed at any moment, has become only more. And the best carriers with dignity answer needs of the inhabitants of the megalopolis.

Organizational Change

To do this, the importance of part of those involved in the change, especially management, is give way to creation, development of an attitude and open-minded to change a culture that allows host good initiatives, as well as disposing of the bad. Organizational changes should not be left to chance, or to the inertia of habit, less improvisation, must be planned properly. Be considered as comment Alejandro Reyes and Jose angel Velasquez, that many times people are not committed to change because they don’t know what will happen. Not knowing how to act. To reason that what’s new is not something defined, therefore, a way to defend themselves against the unknown is holding on what is known and, consequently denying what’s new. Here, that a process of change occurs in a way very efficient if all are committed to him.

Run in both so people committed, these not can be over by the process, as if they were something alien to the same. In truth, the change happens through people. And to consider people as part of the process of change is necessary to know their values, their beliefs, their behaviors. Opinions to consider there are many scholars of administrative science that have contributed information on the important topic, but to complement this writing have regarded indicating Gram. Wilson, that for any organization being able to respond to changes should be aware of everything that happens to your around, so it is vital to listen to its customers, carefully observe their competitors and monitor markets in depth, providing to it the necessary means to interpret the information that this produces; However, decision making could be affected if the people responsible for different processes shows desmotivada, works at low yield or not focusing on the things in an appropriate manner, a situation that can be corrected through the implementation of high motivation schemes such as the teams of homing Parlad on the subject provides, that the strategy to use is nothing more than the Revolution itself and, as such, is not always well appreciated or used by own administrators and managers, for which cites as an example that in the majority of organizationsgood part of managers resist negatively the process of changes, while people located in other levels and closer to new technologies, customers and competitors can help significantly in the formulation of corporate strategy, shaping an amalgam of visions that favors the idea of consensus with it and favour the Conclusion changes organizational changes should not be left to chanceor the inertia of habit, less to improvisation, they must be properly plan. Venezuelan management should know to diagnose the effects that can generate changes and how You must enfrentar be you that persons involved in the give the possibility to generate the expected responses and to avoid to the maximum resistance to change that is not conducive to the Organization, nor to the same people.

Management can avail themselves of the contributions that bequeathed organizational development, who cares about knowing and systematize the behaviors of people to confront and manage in better shape changes and overcome the resistance that causes in people and in coexisting groups. Bibliography Beckhard r. (1992) Changing the Essence: the Art of Creating and Leading Fundamental Change in Organizations. San Francisco; London: Jossey-Bass. -Brooks e. (1980) Organizational Change. The Managerial Dilemma. London: The MacMillan Press Ltd. -Notes of organizational behavior Professor, program management of the quality and productivity of the postgraduate Area of Faces.UC original author and source of the article.

Ideas For A Romantic Evening

The tricks more interesting and practical for all the lovers who wish to demonstrate your love partner they feel by him or her in a very special way. Emotions with experiences and words you can imagine your partner by opening a gift wrapped in an original way (can be found on the internet) within which is with a smart box that offers a romantic weekend, gastronomic or adventures for two people. This will be the best possible way of giving your partner a different present that pleases even the most demanding clients. You can also opt for a classic that never fails; write a poem full of romantic and evocative phrases that remind each other how special that is. These can be found in corners of the internet and it can also make use of a technique that consists in scoring with few words the qualities of the other to then decorate them with adjectives. Where necessary it is advisable to have a dictionary of synonyms hand in the network there are several free-.

In the same line as the previous present is the possibility of developing a blog for your beloved. This creative and ingenious idea will be sweeping, especially for all those who like literature. You can create a joint user account so that amos clear photographs and texts that will be created as a couple, building his relationship to time that build a common project of the blogosphere. A romantic evening of 21st century in many cases tends to think of the typical dinner with candles and others but do not modernize it? If there is anything you can do now is travel a day London and return the following after an unforgettable dinner on a boat by the River Thames. Impossible? Look in the network the wide range of dinners by the River Thames for two people and imagine the face of your partner to walk near Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower and the Seine. Those that are especially adventurous can not resist the proposal of sharing a weekend of March in las Vegas. Of course this is for most demanding budgets, not suitable for students. For all of them there is vacation packages of three nights at a great price that include flight and hotel and that delight travelers. And what about the rural entertainment? A romantic evening in any rule can be accompanied by a wooden lakeside House in which the most interesting us ean views, but rather the lovers face each other with love and happiness. In all of the communities you can enjoy rural tourism, being one of the alternatives to more expensive as London or Las Vegas trips and having the same quality of enjoyment and a very familiar touch that will be comforting to the household and lovers of the made in Spain. Or in our Tuenti: Infernal Trident

Czech Republic

When submitting documents to the Magistrate your rights are withdrawn, and the period before issuing a driver's license sample the eu you will be issued a temporary certificate of which indicates when you pass the documents and when you get new rights. With this certificate you can ride the wheel of the car prior to issuance of the original human sample the eu. At the traffic police the Czech Republic to your claims will not be. When departure from the Czech Republic, countries that are not part of the European Union (eg Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and etc), you should apply the same magistrate and the right to exchange the sample at the old eu law, which are stored in the archive Magistrate. This procedure is obligatory, because for example, in Russia you can not move with the rights of the eu sample. You face trial and a fine of Russian traffic police. Incidentally, the service replacement driver's license in the Czech Republic enjoyed by many Koreans living in the neighboring countries of the European Union.

This is due to low cost and simplified procedure for obtaining formal rights model of the European Union Czech Republic. For example, in the neighboring country, Germany, this is not possible, and to learn, pass all tests and exams in Germany, the necessary costs equal to about 2000 Euros, and on-time exchange of rights takes approximately six months. No coincidence that many foreigners living in residence permit or permanent residence in the European Union, specifically prescribed in the Czech Republic to six months a residence permit (this is a necessary condition imposed by the police CR) get driving new law, which will be valid in all eu countries. Condition of residence in the Czech Republic at least 185 days does not commit you to reside in the territory of the Czech Republic (live at this time can and in the country where you work and live). For foreigners wishing to obtain a driver's license in the Czech Republic European Union need the following set of documents: 1.Original passport with a long-stay visa in one of the standard eu 2.Original driver's license photo 3.4 (3,5 X4, 5) 4.Dannye to fill the questionnaire in the Czech police for the registration of registration in Prague. 5.Anketa for citizens of European Union (the sample to the police for Foreigners Czech Republic). 6. Wiring is made at the time of registration of residence. Replacement of the rights of citizens not resident or residents of the eu is at the same location in Prague: Yugmanova, 32. We wish you good roads and pleasant stroll through the countries of the European Union.

The Interrogation

Could finally return to England without fear. But – what happens to my son? "- He said to himself, Cleve. "Instead of celebrating is to be in that state of hopelessness. It seems as if he had received the worst news of the world. When I asked Alex to drop again a laugh. It was a laugh mixture of anger, sarcasm, sadness and despair. "So I do not know what happens? You can not even imagine what is happening to me? – "No .- replied Cleve. I can not.

"But dad you do not realize that I lost my son, my life, my love as a teenager, FOR NOTHING. "How you've lost everything for nothing? I do not understand. "Dad," Alex asked in amazement. "You've heard my story? All my story? – "Of course I heard it. Very carefully. I do not think I missed a word. "There were no charges against me, Dad. There was no charge! There never was a complaint against me .- "And that puts you in a bad mood? I ask Cleve without understanding your child.

"What makes me angry is to have done what we did. Having fled that night without finding out everything about the accident, "said Alex. "Now, it's me who asks you if you've paid attention to what I told Pete," said Cleve. "Of course I did," Alex responded with fury. Is that his father was charged? "Then, reacts and thinks. Much think you would have lasted in the interrogation without incriminarte? I was 18, Alex, for the love of God! "Said his father exasperado." You know what the police pressure, when they want you to declare anything? Any idea on what we've been your mother and I, when we questioned? Only highly intelligent reaction from your mother took us out of this quagmire.