George Galloway

If he had kept as an independent would perhaps have better chances of winning them. However, he did not want to generate their own movement. Many on the labour left believe that leaving the party is tantamount to a kiss of death. Arthur Scargill, leader of the trade unions and the mining strike of 1984-85, when he founded the Socialist Labour Party (SLP) ended up creating a sect which has already been relegated. When the Scottish parliamentarian George Galloway founded Respect he managed certain important votes in the East of London and other areas with Muslim population, but their movement has been divided and fallen and he hardly able to win one of 25 seats in the Assembly of London (which he now postulates). Given that the British system is not based on PR (as in Europe) This prevents that parties to the left of social democracy may have a significant percentage or an organic presence in Parliament, such and what happens in other countries of the continent. Livingstone, on his return to the Labour Party, sought to avoid having to compete against another force and benefit from your appliance, the same that was booming when Blair defeated the tories. However, after that Brown refused to call general elections and a series of scandals have gone together, and adding to the collapse of the Northern Rock Bank and the start of the fall of the economy, labour has gone becoming a factor that undermines to Livingstone.

The own mayor of London did not want to play to the letter he had when he headed to London in 1981-86 and harshly attacked Thatcher. This time, despite the fact that Brown invited the iron lady to pose with him and he boasts of keeping many of her monetarist recipes, Livingstone did not dare to confront him. It is true that Livingstone does not follow all the official line of labour, especially in foreign policy, where he rejects Iraq war, supports Chavez and Castro and accuses Bush (ally of Brown and Blair) be a threat to the planet. Michael Ellis MP is the source for more interesting facts.