Prohibit Manifestations

EUROPE PRESS already made clear Therefore it in a 2008 sentence. This the fundamental relief of the meeting right remembers. It establishes that only when reasons founded on the electoral character of a manifestation are contributed, it will be possible to be prohibited. The Provincial Meeting prohibited the manifestation of day 18 in Madrid. LIST: The best mottos VIDEOS of the mobilizations. The doctrine of the Constitutional Court establishes that only a manifestation can be prohibited during an electoral process alleging its incidence in the same in the cases in that is " reasons fundadas" of which its purpose is " the pick up of sufragios" and it has not been summoned by parties, bunds or groupings, unique legal people who can campaign electoral. Otherwise, it warns, " we could arrive at the absurd one from which during the electoral campaign absolutely all the were prohibited manifestaciones". This he is one of the arguments that took to the high court to admit the resource of shelter presented/displayed by a union of Mossos de' Esquadra to which the Catalan Autonomous Government it prevented to pronounce itself in 2006 to protest by his " precarious conditions laborales" in a date that agreed with the campaign of the elections to the electoral Parliament of that year, decision that was confirmed by the Court Superior of Justice of Catalonia. The sentence of the Constitutionalist, on the 15 of December of 2008, begins remembering " relief fundamental" of the meeting right, since " for many social groups it is, actually, one of the few means of which they arrange to be able to express publicly his ideas and reivindicaciones" and it stresses that, although it has limits – the alteration of the public order and the collision with other fundamental rights, could only be restricted when they exist " reasons fundadas" of which these limits are not going to be respected.

Museum Larco Herrea

Many years ago when I had 16 years, was walking by the av Bolivar cdra 20 in the District of Pueblo Libre. Alli me crie, microalgae, study, I met most of my friends. It was 2 pm and he was in the company of my cousin Carlos, the pig. Said you chancho my cousin’s affection, because when almorzabamos towards sound food into the mouth. We saw a girl in the corner.

A cute, white, blonde girl, blue eyes, but tearful and frightened. We approached her and asked if it was okay she told us: I have been robbed, with a somewhat chewing Spanish. We asked who? and she pointed to two boys they were going by the Jr cave in direction to Clement Street. Do we told him: expected here, which you have removed? My bag with my camera, money, answered. So that we ran in direction to the two boys and without a word kick them and hit with the greatest possible strength. They defended themselves, took us knife, were Mateo Salado, a neighborhood that is close to av La Marina. My cousin who was an expert in martial arts, athletic, disarmed them with blows of kung fu.

I could give a couple of cabezasos, to thieves, until to be exceeded in strength and knocks, they threw the bag and ran. My cousin immediately caught the bag and check it. He said: Chinese, here is the camera, a wallet, there is money. I told him: Let’s go, because they will return. So we went back to the av Bolivar and the American tourist, about 24 years, us agradecio.We returned him his bag, your camera and your money. We accompany you to take a taxi right away and that you go to your hotel in Miraflores.pero was nervous, we asked that accompany it. We climbed into the cab with her and went up to the door of the little white shop. To lower taxi, pay it. We told that we were going and who would care, because close to the Museum Larco Herrea sometimes you have youngsters, that try to steal from tourists. We said goodbye with a handshake, gave us each a kiss on the cheek and she was happy. Not wanted to go to any police station, only to your hotel. Not we wash our face in two weeks, not to erase the sweet kiss of friend who gave us, the young American. We felt a few heroes of film, we were happy to have saved a girl so pretty bad. Years have passed and I could never forget his face, its freshness, its beauty, her pretty blue eyes, his jean, blouse and bag. Stay in my heart forever. Tourists have to protect it, support it, attend it, serve it, not deceive, not steal because this helpless. They bring foreign exchange to our country and that allows us to grow. His arrival in the country should be so that it rests, walk, take photos, see our museums, monuments. Not cause to our surroundings a bad impression, so continue coming every day more and more. Let us make the experience tourism in our country unforgettable for them. We do not provoquemos to talk badly of Peru. Sonria and be happy.

Central Westminster Hall

Unexpected getaway can lead us to wanting to know a tourist destination like London, which has a lot to see, and can leverage the time to get to all places in just three days. It takes advantage of the offers of cheap flights to know this mysterious city. You already commented how take advantage of the first day. Now you buckle your belt, come the next two days with a tour that will leave you breathless. With metro Brown line, can travel from the station Lamberth Nord to the Ferris wheel of the Millennium, London Eye, the highest in the world. Crossing the Thames, you will find Parliament Square. You can not visit the Parliament, but will meet Big Ben and you will get a well-deserved photo for eternity.

Down the same street, you’ll see the Tower of jewels where the permanent exhibition the Parliament: past and present. Up again along the same street and turning to the left, you will come to Westminster Abbey, an imposing Gothic church. Now it’s up down this street up to the Francis Street, where you will find the Cathedral of Westminster, seat of the Catholic Church in England and Wales. Back up the street and will pass the Central Westminster Hall, the Congress Centre, the Churchill Museum & Cabinet War Rooms and you can walk by the Downing Street, a typical London street, dende is the residence of the Prime Minister, who will guide you to Whitehall, a major thoroughfare of the city, where several official buildings are erected. Without realizing it, you’ve come to Trafalgar Square, in commemoration of the Church in such warlike race victory. In the surroundings of the square is one of the most important galleries in the world, the National Gallery, next to the Saint Martin Church in the Fields. Calle arriba, it is Somerset House, one of the buildings with more history of London.


By its elegance and its tradition, the carnival of Venice is one of most important of the world, representing one of the attractive majors of the city and high season of the tourism, thus we have to recommend to prepare the trip in time, mainly by the hotel reserves. Venice began to celebrate this celebration in century XI, being the most popular celebration in century XVIII, when it lasted from the first Sunday of October until cuaresma began. At this time, the Venetian ones of all social class, were disguised with long black layers, called tabarro, and a white mask, bauta, and began the great celebration, in which the town could interfere in subjects of the aristocracy, and to even make fun of of this. Venice happened to represent a great theater with dances, songs and free love. The time did that this basic clothing, to hide the face and to release to the man, would go away more and more transforming into made disguises and the Venetian masks would acquire the art work category. With the arrival of century XX the carnival went losing, until in 1979 Venice it decided to recover this celebration, with objectives more tourist than festive.

Nowadays, the carnival of Venice lasts twelve days, finishing Tuesday of carnival: in this celebration the City council organizes great parades and dances of disguises, to which all are invited, from the children to more the majors. At the moment we will be able to buy a Venetian mask at any time of the year, although in carnival it is when to more put and they sell them stores, although we have to notice to him that to take to house one of these works of art it is not cheap. The unique pain of this great celebration, that we did not stop recommending to them, is that the economic interest has prevailed in this celebration and the interest of the Venetian ones has happened to be to make of its carnival a great business. In our guide of Venice it will be able to find more information to travel to Venice, as well as on how moving by Venice or what to visit in Venice.

The Place

On the inner part of the stakes tables of 101 mm nailed by 25 mm section, forming a framework or mold inside of which the cement is poured. If the floor is destined for a garage, you need to prepare a cross member that will be level with the general surface, which is done by nailing a slat of wood on the face inside of the Ribbon from the front, as seen in Fig. 2. In the case that you work only a person, the amount of concrete mixed by see should not exceed two or three wheelbarrow loads, otherwise the work will be very freckled. Mix leftover prepares a table, which may not have less than 1 m side 25 mm thickness, which is nailed to a few slats. Prepares a good mix with one part cement, two sand and four of a conglomerate consisting of chippings and gravel. The sand must be clean, dry and free of impurities, such as dirt or mud. The amount of material needed for any given case can be calculated on the basis that a tonne of dry conglomerate is, roughly, a bucket, 90 cm on each side; All the ingredients are mixed first dry, and stir until the cement is well distributed and all have a uniform gray color.

A pile, makes a depression in the Center, with a watering can is you going by adding water in small amounts, stirring and bringing more water until mixture is semi-fluid. See fig. 3 Mix transported to the place bounded to the floor, on which deposited it in a lot somewhat higher than boards that mark the way, and begins to work, making it enter well in the corners with a shovel or hoe. When you have filled a space of 80 cm or 90 cm wide, smooth it is with the edge of a plank, as seen in Fig. 4 If the concrete is evenly bumped with the edge of the table, the thin parts of the mixture will be on the surface, giving a finished smooth and even, which will have to be level with the top of the frame or mould. spoke with conviction. Later, when excess water has been removed, this surface will be once again smooth with a metal trowel. See fig.

5. Follow mixing concrete and by putting it into the form to have it filled in completely; It ends as shown, and protected against the rain and Frost as well as pets, covering it with sustained bags, as a marquee by means of rods or reeds. If there is no frost, the Sun is very strong, this protection can be removed within 24 hours. Otherwise is suitable leave, at least two days, after which the planks of the shape or mould, may be removed as shown in Fig. 6, but not walk the surface of the concrete up to not having passed several days, after which will be perfectly solid and able to withstand constant use without cracking. Original author and source of the article.

Apud Brazil

It was worried, with the great properties, emphasizing the limitation necessity for that they could not cultivate. When limiting in 4 (four) lguas (2400 ha), was foreseen that it could have greater equity between the distribution and, clearly, the necessary culture. One more time, it is placed in question that who not to cultivate, must lose them. ' ' I was served to command the inhabitants I say, I was served to command to the Listeners bred of new that each I clinked in lands of its districts they examine if the sesmarias that if have given of bigger fulfilment of four lguas and one of width, if are cultivated by the donees or its colonists and tenants in fee in part or all so that the cultivated ones if conserve and the ones that will not have if they judge, for vacant according to distribute for other inhabitants its possibilities, of that you acknowledgment to have understood it thus (LETTER REGAL, IN 27/12/1695 Apud Brazil, 2007: Volume III: 59). ' ' But, only two years later, in letter it prevailed of 7 of December of 1697, determines the government of Portugal, that the granted sesmarias, are limited the 3 (three) lguas, emphasizing, again, the necessity of the production and that in amount raised, it would not have conditions to produce that ' ' she is what she understands yourself can a person cultivate in the term of the law because in more she is to hinder that others populate and that the ones that ask for and reach do not cultivate (REGAL LETTER, in 7/12/1697 Apud BRAZIL, 2007: Volume III: 60) ' '. Explicitava, therefore the concern of Portugal with the process of povoamento, that would not be being contents carried through it, in view of the land concentration. Moreover, exactly forcing the exit of Portuguese for Brazil, the condition was not similar to England, in the povoamento process American north. .

Latin America Country

Venezuela: An of the reserves more big of oil in Venezuela, the oil, the main source of income, generates around 80% export. The country is a founding member of the Organization of exporting countries of oil and one of the main producing countries on the planet. Deposits of this resource in all its types are abundant in much of the territory, taking the seventh World reserve, something that explains that each day 2.398.000 barrels be removed the greater part being exported to United States, Europe and countries in Latin America. The extraction is done primarily in the basin of Lake Maracaibo, and Barinas-Apure and Eastern basins. The header in the oil processing company is PDVSA, which has subsidiaries that operate in six refineries in the country of diverse magnitude, as well as others in Curacao, United States, Germany, Sweden and Belgium. The country is also one of the world’s main producers of natural gas: in 2005 were calculated 27.53 million m, production, along with liquefied gas, butane and propane.

Venezuela also has the Orinoco Belt, which is considered accumulation largest extraheavy and heavy crude oil that exists in the world. In the siege of the Strip, according to PDVSA, original oil reserves reach up to now at 1.36 billion barrels. In Baghdad, at a conference between 10 and 14 September 1960 with the initiative of the Government of Venezuela and then Minister of energy and mines Venezuelan Juan Pablo Perez Alfonzo and Minister of petroleum and mineral resources of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah al – Tariki. Alfonzo said that an instrument of defence of prices was needed to prevent economic waste of oil that runs without possibility of renewal. Founding OPEC.

Cheese Cream Sweet White

Today I bring you this delicious and easy recipe for pears cooked in white wine with pistachios and cheese cream sweet, an excellent choice for learning to cook recipes easy and enjoy with the whole family. This recipe is for 4 people. Recipe ingredients of pears cooked in white wine with sweet cream cheese and pistachios: 4 bosc or Anjou pears (the long) 2 cups white wine 1 cup sugar 1 star anise, the grated rind of Orange Cup pistachios, peeled and toasted the cheese cream 1 cup cream cheese 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 tablespoon powdered sugar preparation of the recipe for pears cooked in white wine with pistachios and Sweet cream cheese: Peel and cut halved pears, removing the heart. We put them in a medium saucepan with the wine, sugar, anise and orange zest. We have been on a moderate heat so pears acquire a soft texture and are mixed with the wine. As it cooks, Peel and toast our pistachios, if necessary with a little butter in a frying pan. On the other hand we mix in a bowl cheese, vanilla and sugar; When pistachios are cold, add the pistachios. When our pears are tender, checking with a fork, take liquid, which we climbed the temperature so that it reduced and put them in the serving dish.

Fill the heart with the cheese with pistachios and, at the time of serving, salt with reduced wine, which must be as a syrup. This same procedure can be made with peaches or apples. Pears cooked in white wine recipes are some of my favorites, I invite you to visit my recipe and enjoy delicious recipes easy as pie with cheese and delicious easy dessert recipes. Original author and source of the article

Myanmar Burma

The names for the country of Myanmar, Burma or Burma – background and current status change daily in the media. Enters almost every news and headlines every day between Burma, Burma, the terminology and designation of Myanmar isolated Myanmar. So, the German print media use mostly the term Burma (such as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the mirror). Numerous news agencies have agreed, however, on Burma. Even though this may give the impression that it was to different countries, actually always the same country is meant. How does the country right now? Centuries long, it was the official name of Myanmar. First, it was renamed in the 19th century by the British in Burma. Because the British had made this country the part of their Indian colony.

The first Portuguese, then emerged in Burma, however, the country called Burma. in 1948, the country gained its independence and still called Burma, until 1989 the military Government renamed the country back its original name of Myanmar. It is therefore for the visitors today extremely confusing to find the old anglicized as well as the current (pre-colonial name). Since the current military junta has no legitimate basis, using the name Burma and Burma expresses an oppositional attitude. The United States and Australia hold about explicitly due to the disapproval of the military regime called Burma.

The United Nations, however, use also Myanmar. Myanmar on the map (image: summer the inhabitants of the country are called Burmese and the Burmese language. The word burmanisch is used for the ethnic unity of the Burmese, providing about 70% of the population. Despite this confusion, Burma, Burma or Myanmar just as before is a very original destination. Who is planning a trip to Myanmar, should contact due to the many uncertainties to specialized and experienced experts.

George And Georgia

After desintegracin of the Unin Sovitica almost all the governments of Eastern Europe have turned towards the European Unin and NATO. The exceptions have been Serbia, Bielorrusia and Russia, that, although they have restored Capitalism, an wants to maintain a course different to which the Washingtons or Berln pregonizan. Serbia has been ms isolated despus that recently Montenegro and Kosovo are had separated looking for to him to enter the Euro-zone. Russia has come seeing like its old soviticas ex- dependencies to its west (like Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova and the Ukraine) turn around the EU. The president of Georgia Saakashvili, on the other hand, has become the greater fan of George Bush in the Cucaso. To Russia him inconforma it and that today this pas is the bridge through which it passes ducto that connects hydrocarbons of the Caspian Sea with the Mediterrneo without happening through its territory and breaking the Russian gasfero monopoly towards Europe.

In order to resist the advance of the USA in its surroundings, Mosc protects to two separatist regions of Georgia (South Ossetia and Abkhazia). These two, like Transdniestria in Moldova, is repblicas independent de facto, although the UN does not recognize to them. Now that the West accepts soberana of Kosovo, Russia wanted to ask that these nations tambin have the right to autodeterminacin. In Serbia George Bush impuls escicin of Kosovo, whereas in Georgia does the opposite thing. The today is incapable to send troops to aid to its ally, but it needs to avoid that Saakashvili is overthrown and that the Russian military offensive is ” contenida” without ms climbs.