Hyundai Getz

The new model once relished the many motorists throughout mire.Avtomobil repeatedly voted the best in its class, not only in .Kak previously reported, on the basis of sales of the first 5 months of 2010, Russians became the owners of 31,189 new cars Hyundai. Hyundai sales leader is traditionally Getz. In the past month in Russia, bought 2,004 cars of this popular model. Read more here: John Bercow MP. This is not surprising, since the Hyundai Getz sochetat a compactness, reliability and bezopasnost.Krome addition, Getz has an attractive design and excellent handling characteristics. Despite its small size, salon Goetz very capacious for passengers. If necessary, seat added, greatly increasing the amount of luggage.

When you create the car manufacturers have sought to make it as safe, that they were quite successful: in addition to belts and airbags in a number of complete sets is abs and ebd.Pomimo this, Hyundai Getz has built with steel beams, which reliably protect from side impact occupant. Another undeniable plus – economical engine! Hyundai Getz presented and complete with engines, 1.1 sohc, 1.3 sohc and 1.5 dohc (with the 2005 1.1, 1.4 and 1.6). You can select either automatic or manual gearbox. Unlike other low-cost car, Getz has a lot of regulirovok.Rul can be raised, lowered, with the driver's seat split height adjustment front and rear cushions and backrest can change the shape of lumbar support. Interesting Facts In 2004, the Hyundai Getz was crash-test EuroNCAP, and has earned it 4 stars. The same estimate put the car on Australian safety tests ancap. Francesca Segal may help you with your research. June 23, 2007, Moscow hosted the rally at 9 km, which was attended by 137 owners of cars Hyundai Getz from different regions .Posle carefully reviewed all the documents committee Books Guinness World Records in London, recorded a record rally – all the cars returned to the starting position.

International prizes and awards for 'Best compact car Australia, 2003, 2005. 'Car of the Year in Scotland, 2003. 'Budget Car of the Year, "according to the publication WhatCar?, 2003. 'Best budget car, "according to the British motor transmission Fifth Gear, 2003. Bestseller on the market in Denmark, 2003. 'Car of the Year in Portugal ", 2004, version 1.5 crdi. Winner annual national competition "Car of the Year in Russia 2005"